Where are you based?
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.


Where's your favourite place to ride?
Mt. Hood National Forest just east of Portland. You go up against long stretches without potable water, but are rewarded with waterfall and mountain views, incredible wooded forest roads and multiple ways to pass the shoulder of the mountain that make for challenging climbs.

Honestly, I'm still on an mission to ride more places around the U.S. and abroad. For now, my #1 is Bend, OR. It’s mountain and cyclocross  paradise. There are hundreds of miles of flowing singletrack accessible via a short ride from downtown, beautiful road riding and it's home to the country’s highest density of craft breweries and pubs.


What type of riding do you like to do the most?
You can’t beat the feeling of leaning into corner after corner of swooping singletrack. Given the choice, I always reach for my hardtail mountain bike. I love getting out away from cars, the challenge of steep rocky climbs and the reward of ripping through wooded singletrack. 

That said, most of my riding is on the road. Beautiful roads are so easy to get to around Portland and there are no real mountain bike trails within riding distance, so I end up putting a lot of miles in northwest of the city and east into the Columbia River Gorge.


How do you discover a new route? Do you plan ahead with maps or just see where the road takes you?
Im lucky to ride with amazing friends who like to get creative. We tend to put new routes together piece-by-piece. We’ll add an unknown stretch of roads to connect back to other more familiar areas and then expand from there to complete entirely new loops. Other times we’ll have a destination in mind and guess our way through a state or national natural area.

Sending yourself into a beautiful place and just figuring it out seems to lead to some pretty good adventures as long as you can keep away from big roads. Although, weve ended up in some sketchy situations doing it that way—riding a freeway with little shoulder for 15 miles into a 40mph headwind when a connection that we thought would be there didn’t materialise.


What equipment do you use to capture your ride?
I ride and shoot a lot in the rain and keeping a proper camera dry on a wet ride is almost impossible. Up until a few weeks ago Id been using an iPhone 5. I now have the iPhone 6, which is a nice upgrade. I like to keep it light since I’m often stuffing my pockets with extra food and layers. I also have a Ricoh GR I’ve been learning to maneuver and from time to time will break out my Canon AE-1 if I’m going on a trip. 


What destination would be on your riding wish list?
The French Alps look like an amazing mix of road and mountain riding, so I’d love to go there—especially to race the Mavic Trans Provence. 

For an adventure, I’d like to spend some time in Canada over the summer around Vancouver, B.C. and Banff. I imagine there’s some mind-blowing forest roads out there that aren’t really top-of-mind in the popular eye of cycling right now. There’s also probably not a lot of access to water and services out there, so it’d be tough, but a rad trip to go after.