Where are you based?
I am based in Sheffield, just within the border of the Peak District National Park, England.


Where's your favourite place to ride?
Definitely the Strines, which is an amazing area next to Sheffield, filled with steep little hills and incredible views. It is an area that is beginning to gain wider recognition since the Tour De France skirted its edges, but in general the Strines is often a quieter part of the Peak District, in terms of cars and people.


What type of riding do you like to do the most?
My favourite sort of ride starts early (mostly pre-dawn) and is in two stages. Often the idea will be to pedal out to grab a few pictures of the sunrise, before heading off somewhere for an adventure. I am purely a road cyclist and I particularly like the steepest of hills. Fortunately, while the Peak district lacks many longer hills and no mountains, it does however have an abundance of 20% ramps. Perfect.


How do you discover a new route? Do you plan ahead with maps or just see where the road takes you?
I would say both. Generally when I am riding with others, there is normally a route plan in advance, which will usually include a new hill one of us found by trawling through maps. When riding solo though, I often just follow my nose (or the sun, it rains quite often here) and look for new valleys with hills rising up from them. Heading off the beaten track always brings a new adventure… and occasionally a dead end.


What equipment do you use to capture your ride?
I tend to use my I-phone when on the bike. It is handy and always in my jersey pocket.


What destination would be on your riding wish list?
At the moment, any place warm would be fine. It has been a long cold winter and I can not wait to feel the warmth of the sun on my back again. There are of course many places I would like to cycle, but any empty road with good company and the odd new bird to spot sounds pretty good to me. Perhaps throw in a cafe that sells Yorkshire tea and that would be heaven.