Where are you based?
Vancouver, BC

Where's your favourite place to ride?
Quiet roads/trails surrounded by big trees. North Vancouver.

What type of riding do you like to do the most?
Rides that are about more then just putting in kilometers. I enjoy hiking to mountain tops, overnight hammocking in the woods and also a good brewery. A bike ride that can include any (or all) of these elements at a conversational pace with friends is what I enjoy.

How do you discover a new route? Do you plan ahead with maps or just see where the road takes you?
Google maps and other peoples pictures. I usually know the destination, but get lost 3 or 4 times on the way.

What equipment do you use to capture your ride?
Sony Nex-5 or Iphone 4s. It is also important to me to do some rides without taking a photo or tracking my route.

What destination would be on your riding wish list?
I have some goals for the year to do some bike+hike self-propelled adventures to some of the summits near Vancouver. Also hoping to tackle some of the climbs in Northern Washington, some canyonlands in Southern Utah and possibly some riding in LA area. Longterm goals would include a return visit to ride some more in South Korea and eventually Italy with my wife.