Where are you based?
I'm from the suburbs of Los Angeles County. More specifically Azusa, California


Where's your favourite place to ride?
North on any road in my hometown always leads to the mountains. Hwy 39 and Glendora Mountain Road is usually where I do most of my riding. There's a stretch of Road on G.M.R that never fails to amaze me. 


What type of riding do you like to do the most?
My rides usually happen in the morning, and most times I'm usually by myself, because that's the only time I have free but it's always rewarding to chase a sunset every now and then. Mountains or any road that travels up are my most favorite rides. 


How do you discover a new route? Do you plan ahead with maps or just see where the road takes you?
The only way to discover a new route is to take a route you have never taken before. I've tried planning out my routes but I usually get lost before I find the spot I'm looking for, but most times it works out anyways because sometimes getting lost means finding something else.


What equipment do you use to capture your ride?
I've shot with film and with my DSLR but most times I use my phone because of its convenience and its size

What destination would be on your riding wish list?
San Francisco has always been on my wishlist and I'm planning to make that wish happen very soon.